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Winning Companies; Winning People, Colin Coulson-Thomas
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Developing Directors, Colin Coulson-Thomas
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Winning Companies; Winning People, Colin Coulson-Thomas
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Colin Coulson-Thomas

2005 Annual Conference of the IMC

Colin Coulson Thomas reveals how to become a winning business superstar

The leader of the winning business research programme will be telling some of the country's top management consultants how they can become business development 'superstars' this autumn.

Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas is giving the opening address at the Annual Conference of the Institute of Management Consultants on 9 September 2005.

Prof. Coulson- Thomas explains. "Winning consultancy business will be top of the agenda and I will summarise some of the key findings from three of the research reports produced by the winning business research programme that I lead."

The Professor has undertaken reviews of the processes and practices used by more than 60 companies for winning new business. His research shows that some companies are much more successful than others at winning business.

According to the Professor: "The findings are consistent and compelling. The approach of 'superstars' enables them to regularly outperform their competitors. They do it differently

"A wide gulf exists between winners and losers. They appear distinct species with different personalities. 'Losers' are undisciplined, unimaginative and reactive. They pursue far too many opportunities, and focus primarily upon their employers' concerns and priorities.

"Winners, on the other hand, are far more confident and proactive. They identify prospects with growth potential, using their initiative to approach those they would most like to do business with.

"Winners ruthlessly prioritise available opportunities - turning down some invitations to bid allows them to devote more time to work on retaining business.

"When winners do respond it is with commitment and clear objectives. They think through the outcomes and relationship they would like to achieve. They hit the ground running and allocate sufficient resources early on to build up an unassailable lead."

The winning business research programme, led by Professor Coulson-Thomas, which aims to help more companies to become winners, includes best practice reports on winning new business in various business sectors, and several professions including management consultancy, engineering consultancy and IT and telecoms consultancy.

Articles on the Professor's work have recently appeared in a number of leading business publications such as European Business, Strategic Direction, Management Services, Governance, Venture, the International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Better Business Focus, and Industrial and Commercial Training.

Professor Coulson-Thomas will be speaking at the conference at the home of the Royal Aeronautical Society, near Hyde Park, in London. To find out more about the winning business research programme call +44 (0)1733 361 149 or visit

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