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Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas is an international authority on winning business, director, board and business development, corporate transformation and future organisation.....
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Developing Directors, Colin Coulson-Thomas
Developing Directors

Winning Companies; Winning People, Colin Coulson-Thomas
Winning Companies;
Winning People

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Transforming Knowledge Management, Colin Coulson-Thomas
Transforming Knowledge Management

Developing Directors, Colin Coulson-Thomas
Talent Management 2

Winning Companies; Winning People, Colin Coulson-Thomas
Transforming Public Services


Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas


Boards failing to support creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, 26 Apr 2017
Distinguished professorship conferred on Adaptation chairman, 27 Feb 2017
Global convention call for more positive and forward looking approaches to risk management, 25 Feb 2017
Global convention told that management and governance practices are increasing risk, 23 Feb 2017
Influential business expert and author appointed as honorary professor, 10 Feb 2017
Global convention call for companies to work for the many and not just the few, 27 Oct 2016
Global convention call for entrepreneurs and directors to be bouncing balls to cope with uncertainty, 26 Oct 2016
Theme Paper for 16th London Global Convention on Governance and Sustainability, 22 Aug 2016
Today's urban rich could become tomorrow's quality of life poor, 27 May 2016
World Congress to Address Corporate Responses to Climate Change Issues, 27 May 2016
Personalised technology can transform performance, creativity and customer experience, 28 Apr 2016
Trying to be excellent at everything you do can result in failure, 26 Apr 2016
Business leaders urged to concentrate upon developing existing people, 10 Oct 2015
Sustainability, health and safety require positive innovation rather than negative controls , 06 Oct 2015
How to enable cautious bureaucrats to become public and social entrepreneurs, 24 Sep 2015
Effective Corporate Governance and Sustainability [Theme Paper for 15th London Global Convention on Corporate Governance & Sustainability], 25 Aug 2015
Turn Environmental Challenges into Business Opportunities, 18 Jul 2015
Research suggests HR community and regulators are barking up the wrong trees, 02 Jun 2015
Theme Paper for 17th World Congress on Environment Management, 27 May 2015
Evidence reveals more affordable way of enabling creativity, innovation and local entrepreneurship, 25 Apr 2015
Investigation shows how companies can boost innovation, 23 Apr 2015
More positive approaches to corporate governance could add greater value, 14 Mar 2015
Boards urged to avoid distractions and help people excel at the fundamentals of business , 01 Feb 2015
New call for CSR focus and the elimination of leprosy, 01 Feb 2015
Boards hoping for the best rather than providing the challenge to make things happen, 01 Dec 2014
Austerity is a good time to transform public services, 30 Nov 2014
Investigation suggests reward and compensation policies may be doing more harm than good, 15 Nov 2014
Call for corporate governance change of direction at global convention , 05 Nov 2014
Boardroom naivete, inaction and ignorance leads to corporate fraud, 02 Nov 2014
Meritorious Service Award to Leader of OLJ International Governance Initiative, 26 Oct 2014
Corporate governance and reporting serving vested interests rather than benefiting the public, 24 Jul 2014
Embracing personalised learning support could increase the contribution of higher education, 05 Jul 2014
Business leaders asked to be less concerned with themselves, 20 Jun 2014
Supporting followers can be the key to leadership success, 28 May 2014
New book sets out critical success factors for effective ERPII benefits realisation, 09 Apr 2014
Human capital leaders shown more affordable and focused approaches, 01 Apr 2014
Collaborative capitalism is the key to transforming public services , 27 Jan 2014
International Conference Call for Collaborative Approach to CSR, 26 Jan 2014
Most cost-effective route to behaviour change shared at international consultation meetings, 25 Jan 2014
Global convention appeal to business leaders and business schools for greater focus, 04 Oct 2013
Has Corporate Governance gone off the rails?, 07 Sep 2013
New Theme Paper for Global Convention Questions Contemporary Approaches to Governance, 14 Aug 2013
New Report Shows how to Boost Benefits from Learning and Knowledge Management, 22 Jul 2013
Addressing Environmental Challenges: Theme Paper for World Congress, 10 Jul 2013
New Critique of Knowledge Management Given in Keynote at Global Convention, 10 Jul 2013
Investigation reveals many costly corporate change programmes should be dropped , 25 May 2013
Adaptation chairman calls for transformation of knowledge management at global convention, 09 May 2013
Investigation reveals quicker, more affordable and flexible approach to business process management , 06 May 2013
Case for more productive and affordable learning put to Corporate Learning Summit, 06 May 2013
World congress call for greater integrity in corporate boardrooms, 17 Feb 2013
How Average People can be helped to be Stars, 11 Dec 2012
Report Shows How to Avoid Costly Public Sector Restructuring, 30 Nov 2012
Why Governance Is Not Working, 22 Nov 2012
New report provides cost-effective blueprint for creating a high-performance organisation, 16 Nov 2012
Sustainability requires new approach to corporate governance and leadership, 24 Oct 2012
Supporting people in key jobs rather than process management is the key to success, 29 Sep 2012
Award winner questions relevance of ‘change management’ practices at global forum, 12 Jul 2012
New report outlines a more affordable route to transforming public services , 26 May 2012
New report shows how to succeed without recruiting expensive stars , 25 May 2012
Case for Actionable CSR put at Global Convention, 21 Apr 2012
Using Performance Support to Engage and Build High Performance Organisations, 03 Apr 2012
Engagement and the High Performance Organisation, 23 Mar 2012
European conference told trying to change corporate cultures can be a waste of time, 22 Jan 2012
Business leaders at global convention told of changes needed in corporate boardrooms, 20 Oct 2011
Quicker route to high performance revealed at business performance summit, 24 Sep 2011
New call for investors and regulators to focus on boardroom conduct , 26 Jul 2011
World Congress learns from Peterborough – the UK’s Environment City, 09 Jul 2011
World environment congress encouraged to learn from pigeon with one leg, 27 Jun 2011
New research suggests many talent management strategies are a costly obsession, 16 Jun 2011
International conference shown better ways of delivering social responsibility policies, 14 Jun 2011
HR leaders told to step up or face marginalisation in the boardroom, 14 Mar 2011
Ways of reducing gaps between board promises and performance outlined at world congress, 12 Feb 2011
International HR high fliers shown how to benefit people and organisations by capturing and sharing what high performers do differently, 10 Feb 2011
HR leaders discuss whether HR heads should sit at the boardroom table, 09 Oct 2010
Business leaders shown how to turn their organisation into a cause, 26 Sep 2010
Business leaders to be shown how innovative strategies could improve world health, 24 Jul 2010
Summit shown how research findings and new performance tools can transform economic prospects, 02 Jun 2010
New approach to international operation shown to next generation business leaders, 14 Apr 2010
New ways of helping people to be top performers shown at Big Picture Seminar , 29 Mar 2010
HR Technology Summit shown how focus on job support generates high returns on investment , 13 Mar 2010
Directors shown new tools for ensuring compliance at world congress, 10 Feb 2010
Inaugural lecture outlines new approach to transforming education, 28 Jan 2010
New approach to revitalising the professions, 09 Dec 2009
White paper outlines new approach to transforming healthcare, 21 Nov 2009
Parliamentary inquiry told new right to request flexible working could have harmful consequences, 31 Oct 2009
New call for a widening of the director gene pool, 05 Oct 2009
New white paper shows how to help customers save the environment, 30 Sep 2009
Pricing for recovery and growth, 12 Sep 2009
Climate change issues can be addressed by more responsible purchasing, 20 Jun 2009
New boardroom career options during economic recession , 03 May 2009
Inaugural lecture of new customer management institute identifies recession opportunities, 05 Apr 2009
White paper shows benefits of new generation websites in a recession, 31 Jan 2009
New customer management initiative for Africa, 22 Jan 2009
New support services for those aspiring to become world class at commissioning, 04 Jan 2009
Research reveals what effective directors do differently to benefit from recession, 13 Dec 2008
Customer Service teams learn how to benefit from economic recession, 15 Nov 2008
Personnel practitioners shown how to reduce stress at work, 13 Nov 2008
Financial controllers and directors encouraged to embrace new approaches to financial reporting and risk management, 08 Nov 2008
Business leaders shown new, quicker and cheaper way of boosting performance and speeding up responses to individual customer requirements , 01 Nov 2008
New approach to preventing future banking bailouts outlined, 29 Sep 2008
Directors and other professionals could be held to account, 28 Sep 2008
Boards must behave differently to seize credit crisis opportunities, 20 Sep 2008
Boardroom focus and culture must change to cope with economic downturn, 10 Sep 2008
New white paper shows how to gain competitive advantage during economic slowdown, 29 Jul 2008
Practice Leadership is the key to improved healthcare, 07 Jun 2008
Director selection and conduct is key to corporate performance and good governance , 17 May 2008
Innovators shown how to win new business, 19 Apr 2008
Workplace stress can be reduced by adopting a new approach to making it easier for people to do difficult jobs, 23 Mar 2008
Organisations shown how to increase returns from training and development activities, 20 Feb 2008
Assembling complementary qualities in the boardroom can be the key to turning a group of outstanding individuals into an effective team, 15 Jan 2008
Directors to be shown new approach to avoiding risks - World Congress on Total Quality, 06 Jan 2008
Companies shown how to equip people to excel ahead of outsourcing, 28 Nov 2007
Companies learn how to price more effectively, 06 Aug 2007
Pricing for Profit: how to benefit from effective pricing, 14 Apr 2007
Failing to communicate why change is needed – means not helping people to change, 20 Mar 2007
Lone Rangers Doomed – collaboration is key to business and social success, 17 Mar 2007
Corporate Transformation - building from strength to strength, 17 Mar 2007


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