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Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas is an international authority on winning business, director, board and business development, corporate transformation and future organisation.....
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Developing Directors, Colin Coulson-Thomas
Developing Directors

Winning Companies; Winning People, Colin Coulson-Thomas
Winning Companies;
Winning People

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Transforming Knowledge Management, Colin Coulson-Thomas
Transforming Knowledge Management

Developing Directors, Colin Coulson-Thomas
Talent Management 2

Winning Companies; Winning People, Colin Coulson-Thomas
Transforming Public Services


Colin Coulson-Thomas: Selected Assignments

  • Board audits and board effectiveness, board performance, corporate governance and corporate transformation reviews.
  • Process Vision Holder of an Austrian JV for selling electricity, gas and other services to major accounts, a successful UK second tier electricity market project for TXU, and a financial services/energy JV.
  • Change management projects include blueprint stage of largest SAP implementation of its type.
  • Advised ADNOC, EU, Mercury Communications, IBM and Lotus Development Corporation on the adoption and application of new approaches and technologies (including for knowledge management).
  • Advised BT, National Grid, Kvaerner and BOC on processes and practices for winning business.
  • Equipped the worldwide management team of Thomas Cook with a complete suite of corporate transformation/re-engineering/change management methodologies, tools and techniques.
  • Facilitation of the development and adoption of a role and competence framework covering the professional and managerial staff of the Mouchel Group.
  • Re-engineering of processes within the Basque Country Regional Government, the Luton and Dunstable Hospital NHS Trust and the General Hospital of Manresa.
  • The mentoring and counselling of Managing Directors, Entrepreneurs and General Managers.
  • Facilitation of board level reviews of corporate strategy for OSI Group, ACT, NSK and global market leaders at home and overseas.
  • Led national initiatives in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece to help General Managers/Managing Directors of SMEs to understand and make effective use of emerging technologies / modern management techniques.
  • A review of the quality and project management processes of Logica and Trebor Bassett.
  • Cultural audit of working practices of Eagle Star Life Insurance and design of new management processes.
  • Facilitation of the development of a 'know-how' / IT strategy for MashreqBank and e&s' business processes.
  • Led and co-ordinated the European Commission's COBRA project which examined business restructuring and the use of management techniques across Europe. Principal author of the COBRA re-engineering framework which is used by over 200 companies and other organisations worldwide.

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